Thursday, August 15, 2013

my new life

Dear all,
So sorry for a quiet long time I did not update my blog...since this blog was named as my hobby, with my new life schedule, it seems that I have a limited time to enjoy my hobby..huwaaaaaa...I do have several activities in beading and cooking but I did not manage to post all the pictures taken...hehehee...
2013...7 months and half past already...
Alhamdulillah, this is my first year celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri with someone I love the lovely husband Mr.Faez bin Ahmad...with all the friends and family members enjoying all those festive cuisine..I wonder how many calories I take and how many of them I consume, it doesn't seem tally anyway...hehehe..
here come the topic I would like to share with all the readers..
currently my weight is in obese group...huwaaaaaaaaaa....yes...shocking? some says those who just marrried tend to increase their weight due to the hormone changing and all. For my case, yes we both increase our, it is the time for me to take charge of my weight.
Today, is the first day I start consume Advance Slim....this post is actually a start for me to announce how determine am I to reduce some weight and move out from the obese group. It was a saddened moment when you actually realize that for being in this obese group is actually an intriguing moment for your health state. Nowadays, I am easily get tired. I want to change my life.
My Plan
1) take Advance Slim
2) wear Premium Beautiful Corset
3) exercise three times a week, at least 20 minutes each time
4) low carbohydrate diet, high in protein
5) drink at least 2 litres plain water
6) monitor my weight.
So, I already have all the resources I need, I hope with all my determination I will get the result I want...
Good Luck bie!

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